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Hello folks l’m Chef Sean, owner & operator of 615 Fun Food Truck, where we add a touch gourmet to classic foods.

Since the early days of canning, cooking and baking with my mother and father, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve enjoyed and labored 39 years working my passion into a very sharp skill set. I’ve spent the better part of my career at 4 Diamond, Star Hotels and private catering companies earning positions and titles, but none more rewarding than working my love and passion of food. Learning, understanding and processing the knowledge of this industry. Which brings me to this concern of facts that there is a lack of knowledge, skill and grit that has contaminated my beloved industry which has me hungrier to be a conduit and aide for greater food, (food of merit) I know with certainty my application in dedication, passion and skill to the only industry I know and understand will be a solution to this problem here at 615 Fun Food Truck, come follow the fun with Chef Sean.



Our mission will be a scratch base company with a fun flavorful approach to classic “Fun Foods” with original combinations for the Nashville,Tn community & surrounding areas.

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